IAFRE, or The International Alliance of Freelancers and Remote Employees, is a social project created in 2018 by Redjebov Media Group Inc. The project is a result of a need identified in the current remote working space by the founder, Evgeny Redjebov. At least 80% of all revenue goes directly to the development of new and existing programs, while the remaining revenue is used to cover our business expenses.

We believe that we can unite millions of freelancers from all over the world under one roof, and by doing so become a leading social project with the power to provide to the members, freelancers and remote employees just like you, special benefits and opportunities. We believe that remote working is an amazing opportunity and that it can change the lives of millions around the world.

Who are we?

We are simple people, just like you.

The founders discovered the freelance world several years ago and worked as freelancers for various clients in various fields. Both founders quickly identified the benefits provided by working from home in flexible hours, but in the same realized that remote employment has many downsides that no one cares about, or perhaps doesn’t want to take care of. That’s why they decided to take action and founded IAFRE as a social project under their company, Redjebov Media Group Inc.

We at IAFRE have a big statement to make – we believe that freelancing and remote employment are the future of work. We are here to make sure that each and every one who wants to work in this field will find all the required resources and will enjoy all the possible benefits.

Why do we do this?

Because someone has to do it. The world is changing, with every day that passes the internet is taking a bigger part in our life and traditional jobs become less and less relevant. However, education systems and governments are behind and seems like they can’t or have no intent to catch up with the changes. We get it, they feel comfortable with the system that works for them for centuries, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t create something new, something better.

We imagine a place that will be a home for every person who is willing to take a step into the unknown. Without judging you by who you were or by your past – just by who you are now and who you want to be. We want you to have all the things that we didn’t have: better education, legal support, healthcare, great lifestyle, wonderful family life, and more. We want you to have great future. You deserve it!

Our Mission

This project is aiming to be the leading worldwide effort of uniting freelancers and remote employees, dedicated to the development of professional skills, education, career opportunities, and lifestyle.

Find out more about our mission here.

“If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.” Steve Jobs

Our Vision

Freelancing provides humanity with almost countless new opportunities. When we think about freelancing and remote working, we imagine a better world. Remote working can have positive effect on almost any aspect of your and your family’s life. In fact, for millions of families around the worlds that’s already reality.

When we close our eyes, we see a world in which millions of people from all over the world wake up smiling instead of concerned. We dream about a world in which people go to sleep excited about their tomorrow, instead of terrified by it. A future where couple have more time to spend together, where single parents can provide for their kids with dignity, where people with limiting health conditions can overcome the difficulties. We imagine a world in which work can be combined with pleasure, travel, new experiences, and freedom. We believe that freelancing is a key to true freedom.

Our Values

  • Diversity is key – We believe in a world of remote workers. When born, we may not have the same conditions around us, but we are all equal. Every person should be judged by who he or she is, not by their origin, color, religion, or gender.

  • We have just one planet (Although there are some people working hard on changing that) – We care about our planet and you should care about it too.

  • Better economic future – We strive to help those who were denied economic opportunities in the traditional working environment find new ones. The online world has enough space for everyone.

  • Passion for a better tomorrow – Passion is in the heart of everything we do. Every thing we do and every decision we take is made with a hope to a better future.

  • Continuous Progress – It’s in our nature to move forward.